Index – Economy – It could be a big problem if it didn’t snow

Currently, fruit trees are in a state of deep rest, so there is no need to fear serious damage yet, explained Bella Martonvi, Vice President of the National Chamber of Agricultural Economics.

“However, in the future – if this remains the case for a longer period of time – it may happen that the trees will sprout early, and a subsequent large frost will destroy the crop,” for InfoRadio.

According to the vice president, if “normal” winter weather returns soon, it will not yet cause such a problem that may appear later.

“January is sure to be a bit colder than we imagine now,” he said, then added that it could also be good for agriculture if the fields were covered in snow.

As Béla Mártonffy explains on the programme, this summer’s drought has “decimated everything”, so it would be a big problem now if it didn’t snow. After all, if it does not rain, a dry spring will follow, and our irrigation system is currently not suitable for supplying water to the entire country, he said.

Snow or rain?

According to the vice president, it didn’t matter if it was snow or rain, although the water content of the soil had been replenished to some extent thanks to the heavy rains in the fall. At the same time, if there is no snow, which will melt in the spring and continue to replenish land reserves, the country will be in a bad position.

The vice president of the National Chamber of Agricultural Economics explained that if these scourges are not eradicated, local entrepreneurs will face a more difficult agricultural year again.

(Cover photo: Tibor Oláh/MTI)