Index - Economy - Gianni address me and the profession is suffering

Index – Economy – Gianni address me and the profession is suffering

It’s been nearly three months now that restaurants have had to close, and they can only earn a living from fast order and home delivery. Although they were confident that this period would be temporary and would only last for one month, it soon became clear that they would have to put up with it.

Moreover, there appears to be no change since February at the moment, as the epidemiological situation still does not allow for the restrictions to be lifted or at least eased. However, restaurants will be in desperate need of help, and they also have concrete ideas.

It is hard to accept that we are treated on a different level, such as grocery stores or large malls where people meet in crowds while there can be no guests whatsoever in restaurants. It would be good for restaurants to open their doors at least at 6 pm, or for a place for 100 people to work with half a house, for example, because in this way we can at least provide our people with work.

Gianni Anoni, owner of Pomo Douro, told INDEX, stressing that this would be of great help to the sector, but not enough to get them out of the ventilator, which is a problem not only in Hungary but around the world.

It is difficult to stay afloat in the current situation, especially not knowing how long it will take to reach the correct level of vaccination, but Pomo DrIn oro They do everything they can to do their job honestly, and while there are none else around, they perfectly serve those who order food.

We are suffering, but at the same time we are very grateful to the people for the way they handled the situation and brought home. This social responsibility is essential for us to survive

– said Gianni, who knows that people feel bitterness, but it is important that everyone remains calm and that a similar situation does not develop as in the summer, when many people do not follow the strict rules about distance or wearing masks, which is why to a greater extent. The virus started to spread.

That’s why it’s not a good idea that despite the restrictions, many people have indicated that they will open on February 1st.

Sure, the state responds to the situation, but we professionals also need to know something. It would be nice to have a meeting so that the hosts work closely together and we can address the issue together

Gianni Anoni closed his thoughts about the crisis.

(Cover photo: Gianni Anoni . Photo: Ajpek Orsi / Index)

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