Index - Economy - Britons take their pets to animal shelters, can't feed them due to inflation

Index – Economy – Britons take their pets to animal shelters, can’t feed them due to inflation

The worsening livelihood crisis is forcing more and more Britons to get rid of their pets. Animal shelters operated by Battersea Animal Welfare currently care for 206 dogs and 164 cats, but the situation is similar at other shelters across the country.

The Reuters She says record numbers of dogs and cats have been put into foster care in some places because people can’t afford the extra costs associated with the animals.

We fear there will be more and more reasons for people to bring their dogs to Battersea

Steve Craddock, president of the South West London Centre.

However, exotic pets such as snakes and lizards have also proven to be expensive as they require special heating and lighting. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), which was set up to prevent cruelty to animals, said recently that three snakes, including a common giant snake measuring 2.4 meters in length, have been dumped in pillowcases outside a reptile store in recent days.

Energy prices have more than tripled

He notes that energy prices more than tripled in January compared to last year, significantly reducing people’s incomes. The dog trust – which currently needs 692 dogs in 21 centers across the country – said the last time it was in a similar situation was after the financial crash in 2008.

The pressure is so great that the charity is considering whether to extend the emergency support fund – usually reserved for people on welfare who need short-term financial support to keep their pets – to middle-income earners.

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In addition, animal welfare organizations fear that the decline in living standards will affect donations, although they have not yet seen this.

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