Index - Culture - The prodigal is not fenced, and will never go to Pinky's grave

Index – Culture – The prodigal is not fenced, and will never go to Pinky’s grave

2021.02.02. 16:53

The Omega Leader Confessed: Just as he goes to the cemetery with his parents, so do his lost fellow musicians.

János Kóbor found it difficult to endure László Benkő’s funeral. He wasn’t able to watch his friend lay underground, and they could only do so from a distance

– writes the th Repost.


According to János Kóbor, fans shouldn’t be disappointed.

He told the newspaper that he did not visit his parents at the cemetery either, because that made him upset:

I won’t go out to my parents and I won’t go out to the cemetery with Lacey either. For me the cemetery is not a holy place. They are no longer there! My parents and Lacey are with me every single day, and every day something comes to mind. I don’t go there either because it hurts and feels bad, especially since everyone is in a really small jar. At Lacey’s funeral, for example, what was most tragic to me was that she was buried in a coffin. Andres Trancos and I were standing there at the funeral home and I asked him: You don’t feel that poor Lacy in the coffin is not dressed warm enough and maybe it’s cold? After all, there was … I woke up at least three times that night to Lacey lying there underground.


Omega will tour in the summer, but there are no closed goalkeeper parties.

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