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Index – Culture – An unusual place where India and France unite

Index – Culture – An unusual place where India and France unite

Four Indian friends living in the Hungarian capital dreamed of creating a quality Indian spot representing contemporary values ​​in the heart of Budapest. Three years ago, this was achieved on October 6.

Private gastronomic journey

the Bombay Budapest Its owners do not offer guests the successful dishes that appeared after British colonialism, as the restaurant came to the Hungarian capital with much greater ambitions and plans. Meanwhile, the signature “Indian fine cuisine” role of his business will be fulfilled now, in 2024, as he will be the first in Hungary to offer an authentic Indian tasting menu to all those who want to be part of a special gastronomic journey.

In addition to the Indian owners who live in Budapest, Bombay Kitchen also consists entirely of an Indian team, with Executive Chef Mekki Ahmed Qureshi rounding out their work. The scion of the Qureshi family, famous for its restaurants in India, has absorbed the culinary traditions of cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow and Dubai during his career. Makki Ahmed Qureshi said:

During my travels and work, I have always been interested in the diverse use of different spices in my country, as well as discovering our cultural gastronomic heritage. Given the country's size, some regions of India feature myriad customs and specialties. That's why, in addition to using my family's recipes spanning generations and my own spices, we've also built the kitchen team in a way that we can faithfully reflect India's diversity in terms of knowledge and expertise. I am happy from the bottom of my heart that we are now crowning this with an even more special experience.

The perfect choice

Given the concept and operation of the kitchen at Bombay Budapest, the restaurant directors considered it important that the champagne paired with the specialty foods should also be excellent and be an equal part of this tasting menu. That's why the Moët & Chandon brand, which has been a premium winery in the world of Champagne for more than 280 years, was the perfect choice. However, here it's not just about the right pairing, it's about the way Indian spices and Champagne flavors bring out new flavors from each other.

For this reason, a closer collaboration has been established between the two brands, which is reflected in the unique restaurant equipment as well as special items.

As the official Hungarian distributor of the famous champagne house Moët & Chandon, we seek out and support the realization of outstanding gastronomic concepts. Our goal is to encourage high-quality tourism development in Budapest

– confirmed Gabor Kassoh, Director of Fine Brands.

Bombay Budapest's latest tasting menu is only available by advance reservation – with and without meat – and can be ordered with wine pairings as well as Moët & Chandon. The restaurant aims to bring every guest a few steps closer to an authentic, quality Indian gastronomic experience in a contemporary setting.

The article was prepared in collaboration with Bombay Budapest.

(Cover photo: Dorka Kiss / Raconteur Agency)