Index - Abroad - The Slovak government’s crisis is starting to deteriorate, with demands for the departure of Igor Matovi

Index – Abroad – The Slovak government’s crisis is starting to deteriorate, with demands for the departure of Igor Matovi

It’s just cha Chaos Richard Solik, the Slovakian Economy Minister, appointed the government of Igor Matovi, and said that the only solution is the departure of the Prime Minister – Writes The panorama.

At a press conference, the President of Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) said the government does not have a unified plan to combat the Coronavirus when

They came up with their own plan, and Igor Matovich allegedly sent them to Mongolia.

According to Richard Solik, the prime minister is neither administratively nor communicatively capable of leading the government. He also complained that the prime minister said he brazenly attacked his coalition partners.

SaS joined Veronika Remišová (Za udí) in calling for the resignation of Igor Matovi as head of government. Richard Solik added that he was also ready to resign because he was “not linked to the presidency of the Minister of Economy.” He also said it would be better if none of the party leaders would remain a member of the government.

However, the party rejects the idea of ​​early elections and trusts that they will agree to rebuild the government by March 24. As per their warning, if not, they will leave in a week From the government.

He said if Matovic’s Party of Simple People and Independent Personalities (OĽaNO) nominates Finance Minister Edward Heger as prime minister, SaS is ready to negotiate.

The panorama Assemble and produce Also five possible scenarios for future events, arguing that SaS sayings and actions are very different.

According to the first version, Igor Matovi will comply with the ultimatum and resign, or it is possible that Solik will leave and a new government will be formed. This means a change of government, but the survival of the coalition. The newspaper reports that investigative journalist Jan Kociak happened after the assassination of his fiancée, and the government of Robert Fico switched to that of Peter Pellegrini. However, no fundamental changes occurred.

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The second option is not to resign the prime minister and leave the SaS, in which case Matovi Zawdit will try to “persuade” one of the ministerial seats in the SaS. This should keep the ruling majority. For SaS, this is a big risk.

The third possibility is that the prime minister will not resign, and as a result both the SaS and Zaudí will leave the government. In this case, OĽANO and Sme rodina would be trapped in a minority government, which would be a very serious problem in the event of a pandemic. The two parties together have 70 seats, and a majority requires 76 seats. According to the panorama, OeteANO’s situation will also be difficult because it is not as uniform as Sme rodina, so withdrawal from the party cannot be ruled out either.

It is also conceivable that the bipartisan minority cabinet will not be trusted by Parliament, in which case the decision rests with President Zuzana Shapotova, who will either assign the interim government to Igor Matoviek or appoint an expert government. In the case of a delegated cabinet, the authority of the government would be limited and the authority of the head of state would be expanded.

It might be the case, contrary to SaS rhetoric, that there will still be snap elections.

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