Index - Abroad - The internal war has infected Germany with the Coronavirus

Index – Abroad – The internal war has infected Germany with the Coronavirus

In Germany, K.Home Minister Horst Seehofer said on Monday that the measure, based on an agreement between the federal cabinet and provincial governments to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, has failed, so the Berlin leadership must take over.

He said it was more dangerous than before British virus version Because of the spread, he added that it must determine how to tighten regulations across the country if necessary.

The minister, one of Germany’s most respected politicians, has spoken out against the chancellor, Angela Merkel, who already indicated in a Sunday interview that she was completely dissatisfied with the actions of some provincial governments and expected a change of direction to be imposed through law.

I am not waiting for the number of new infections per day to rise to one hundred thousand

The consultant said on ARD National Public Television who said above all Curfew restrictions Evening and night hours should be ordered, as the risk of transmission of the virus in private gatherings is greater.

However, in many provinces, instead of increasing the tightening, efforts are being made to develop the more flexible system that was introduced in early March. In the provincial capital, Berlin, for example, a new rule that goes into effect on Wednesday can keep stores or service providers open again since the start of the month, such as electronics stores or hairdressers, but only accepts customers and guests who have negative data tested for the virus. At that day.

According to a summary by the Robert Koch National Institute of Public Health on Monday, 9,872 infections have been tested in the past 24 hours. That’s an increase of nearly thirty percent from the previous week. Besides newly recorded infections, the coronavirus has been detected in 2782273 people. However, the number of daily deaths related to virus-related illnesses decreased to 43 from 50 in the previous week. The decline by experts is attributed to the progress made in the vaccination campaign, which focuses on the older age groups and the most vulnerable groups.

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