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INDEX – Abroad – Sweden is worried about Hungary’s decision

INDEX – Abroad – Sweden is worried about Hungary’s decision

The Swedish diplomatic chief said last week that he was confident that his country would indeed be a member of NATO by July, the next NATO summit, which will be held in Vilnius.

However, he did indeed tell the Swedish news agency TT on Thursday:

I have taken into account what has been said in recent days, especially on the part of Hungary. (…) I think the word hope fits better with the current context.

Sweden, along with neighboring Finland, submitted its application to join NATO in May last year. In order for the two countries to become members of the organization, all 30 NATO member states must accept and ratify the organization’s expansion.

Finland’s request has already been approved by Parliament

Question about Sweden’s membership in NATO On the agenda in Parliament at the beginning of next March They argued his representatives. Led by Chapa Hendi, a four-member government delegation recently visited Finland and Sweden in order to resolve conflicting issues.

Group leader Matej Kocsis spoke after the group’s meeting before the spring session about how Prime Minister Viktor Orban had urged the representatives to ratify, but a row arose because “politicians from these countries have insulted Hungary so rudely, without foundation and in general”.

Late Monday afternoon, Parliament adopted The proposal to ratify Finland’s application to join NATO, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade submitted to Parliament more than eight months ago. Of the representatives participating in the vote, 182 deputies voted yes, while six voted no.