Index - Abroad - Russian cyberattack hit prominent Polish politicians

Index – Abroad – Russian cyberattack hit prominent Polish politicians

Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Governor of Justice and Justice (PiS), said on Friday that a major cyber attack had hit prominent politicians in Poland, with Polish intelligence analyzes and allies saying the attack came from the territory of the Russian Federation. The information was also confirmed at a subsequent press conference by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who called on the Poles not to give credence to fake news expected to circulate in the coming days, MTI wrote.

Deputy Prime Minister Kaczyński, who is responsible for overseeing national security and defense affairs, also wrote in his official statement that the cyber attack was directed against senior Polish officials, ministers and members of Parliament of various persuasions. He also reported that the case is still under investigation, evidence is being recorded, and those affected by the attack are told by the police what to do next, including protecting their email accounts.

Kaczynski called on the Poles to consider “not interfering in the process against politicians of all kinds.”

One of its main goals is to attack Polish society and destabilize the country.

The topic of cyber-attacks has been a source of concern to the Polish public since last week, when the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Michaël Dorczyk, reported on social media that his email and Twitter account, as well as his wife, had been hacked. . Following the Dworczyk case, the House of Representatives discussed cyber attacks in a special session on Wednesday. Later, government spokesman Piotr Mueller said that Polish politicians will be the target of a disinformation attack in the coming weeks and that Polish intelligence services will take the necessary steps in this regard.

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