Index - Abroad - Kremlin spokesman's son refuses military service

Index – Abroad – Kremlin spokesman’s son refuses military service

Nikolai Peskov, the son of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, was contacted by the presenter of one of the Russian YouTube channels dealing with politics.

The Ukraine Pravda According to his report, presenter Dmitry Nezovtsev pretended to be a military official and then asked the younger Peskov to report to the authorities the next morning for military service. However, Nikolai Peskov refused all this.

Of course I won’t go there tomorrow. If you know that I am Nikolai Peskov, then you should realize the scale of the problem if you were there. I’m solving this on a different level, I need to generally understand what’s going on and what rights I have

– stated the son of the Kremlin spokesman, who also added: He has no problem defending his homeland, but at the same time he needs to understand whether his participation in Ukraine is possible. He pointed out some political nuances in this regard.

He also added that he was ready to go to Ukraine, but only if Russian President Vladimir Putin personally asked him to do so.

like before index It also reported, Wednesday morning Hungarian time, that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial military mobilization due to the conflict in Ukraine. Putin emphasized: Only those who are in reserve, that is, those who have military experience, are conscripted.

At the time of the announcement, the Russian President said that he had already signed the relevant decree, which Under which the Russian government decides who has the right to postpone conscription for the purpose of mobilization.

I assure that Russian citizens called up as part of the mobilization receive all the benefits of those who serve under the contract. We will protect our people at all costs. We will respond to every strike, and I would also like to draw the attention of those who threaten nuclear strikes

said the Russian president.

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(Cover Photo: Dmitriy Peskov. picture: Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

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