Index - Abroad - Gay dating infringes rights, fine of more than 6 million euros

Index – Abroad – Gay dating infringes rights, fine of more than 6 million euros

Grindr Dating has received a €6.3 million fine from the Norwegian data protection authority Datatilsynet.

The decision was based on the fact that the program shared its sensitive data without users’ consent. According to Datatilsy net, Grindr illegally transferred this information to online advertising companies. Several people at the Norwegian Consumer Council have recently complained about this, so it came before Datatilsy Network.

Vin Merstad, director of the digital division of the Consumer Protection Council, said Wednesday’s decision sent a “strong message” to all companies that deal with online advertising. He added that those who share their users’ data without a sound legal basis will face severe penalties.

A Grindr spokesperson said he disagreed with Datatilsynet’s argument and considered appealing the decision. They admitted that the authority had reduced the fine compared to what they had originally intended to impose on them (this was about 10 million euros), but they still considered the amount disproportionate.

Grindr has had privacy issues before. In 2018, the press reported it for the first time a Data on users’ HIV infection has also been shared with others.

(via Politico)

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