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Index – Abroad – Bologna’s famous towers may collapse at any time

Index – Abroad – Bologna’s famous towers may collapse at any time

The famous Garicenda Tower in Bologna is in danger of collapsing, according to scientific experts, who also submitted a report to the city’s mayor.

In the center of Bologna, in Piazza Porta Raffignana, the two leaning towers, the 97-meter-high Asinelli Tower and the 48-meter-high Garicenda Tower, are symbols of the city. The towers built between 1109 and 1119 are named after the families who commissioned their construction. The Garisenda was originally 60 meters high, but in the 14th century, when it tilted due to an earthquake, its height was reduced. The tower’s deflection is 3.2 metres, according to MTI.

Experts have been monitoring the condition of the crooked towers for a long time, and their latest report warns of the need for immediate intervention due to recent cracks that have appeared on the brick walls of Garicenda and the significant swaying of the tower.

City officials cordoned off the towers in October due to cracks and unusually strong swaying.

The space is expected to remain closed for several years. City Mayor Matthew Libor announced that the condition of the towers corresponds to a type of “yellow alert”, but that there is no immediate danger of collapse. At the end of October, Italy’s Deputy Minister of Culture, Lucia Borgonzoni, promised to help make the tower safe. He said, they can dissolve the funding from the recovery fund they receive from the European Union.