Index - Abroad - Austria will order 1 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine

Index – Abroad – Austria will order 1 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz had already contacted Russian President Vladimir Putin about Sputnik V vaccine at the end of February. Rudolf Anchober The Minister of Health agreed with the Russian Vaccine International Distribution Investment Fund (RDIF) and said:

All options are being considered, it doesn’t matter where the vaccine comes from, but how safe and effective it is.

Austria has so far only used vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency, so it hasn’t used Sputnik, and I don’t think the EMA has given it a blessing. Sebastian short More vaccinations are needed, so they are turning to Russia. The Courier report notes that among the European Union countries, only Hungary and Slovakia have approved the Sputnik V vaccine so far.

If we have a million additional vaccines, we can return to normal as quickly as possible, saving lives and jobs, the Austrian chancellor told the Austrian daily.

According to Courrier, negotiations are underway, with Russia providing 300,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine to Austria in April, 500,000 in May and 200,000 in June, for a total of 1 million.

On Tuesday morning, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szeggartu announced on his group page that 250,000 more doses of the Russian vaccine would arrive in Hungary overnight.

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