Index – Abroad – Artificial Intelligence: Americans fear Washington over Beijing

The United States is seriously lagging behind China in the field of artificial intelligence. This came in a report by its authors, which includes the former CEO of Google and the CEO of Oracle.

The report published by the National Security Committee in Washington calls on the government to: invest 40 billion dollars to win the race against China in the field of artificial intelligence, written by

Experts say we need to keep a serious set of rules in check.

America is not prepared to defend its advantage or compete in the era of artificial intelligence, said Eric Schmidt, former Google president and former deputy defense secretary Robert Work, in a letter accompanying the 756-page report. They fear that AI tools will become first-class weapons in future conflicts, with terrorists and criminals pairing them with commercially available drones to make smart weapons.

The authors of the report called for the creation of a new artificial intelligence academy where military officers are to be trained. They also indicated that high-end computer chips should be manufactured in the United States because most of them are currently manufactured in factories in Asia.

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