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In Slovakia, children can go back to school, in Romania there is no place for intensive care

In Slovakia, children can go back to school, in Romania there is no place for intensive care

Coronavirus: Children can return to school in Slovakia, and there is no place for intensive care in Romania

More epidemic cuts have come into effect in the UK. In Slovakia, the lower grades manage to get back into the office. In the Czech Republic, the foreign minister resigned because he opposed buying Sputnik and a Chinese vaccine. The Austrian Chancellor announced that his country would buy one million doses of the Russian vaccine. ATV newsletter report.

There were long queues in front of shops in England the day they reopened on Monday.

The country’s first vaccination is in Europe, after more than 32 million have already received the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine. So, in addition to shops, bars and parks, as well as hairdressers and gyms, the opening of the zoo was greeted by a storm of applause.

“It was hard to always be at home, the kids always used to come out too. So, that third shutdown was the hardest. But they are so excited to be here again,” one mom said of the opening.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that the current third wave of the epidemic may be the most difficult, and therefore called for expanding vaccine production capacity.

Sebastian Curtis announced that Austria is buying one million doses of Sputnik’s vaccine. The Austrian chancellor has previously criticized the policy of distributing vaccines in Brussels, saying that she prefers certain countries, such as Malta. The European Medicines Agency has not yet authorized the Sputnik vaccine.

In Romania, only six free intensive care beds remained in hospitals across the country.

The Romanian Prime Minister said that the number of new infections per day is already slightly decreasing, but the number of people who need intensive care is increasing. He says it could take two or three months for the country to go through this wave.

A school in Spain teaches children between the ages of 3 and 12 at the beach. Classes take turns participating in the 20-minute sessions.

“Everything is safe and the children have a good time.“ What they learn here is unforgettable, ”one teacher said of the program.

In Japan, vaccinating elderly people has just begun after health care workers are vaccinated. Japan’s vaccination program lags behind most developed countries. Island country residents are not yet allowed to choose from vaccinations because they can only receive the Pfizer vaccine. The government says all of Japan’s 36 million seniors will be vaccinated by the end of June.

In Slovakia, the lower grades manage to get back into the office

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