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Important banking app added to AppGallery


Thanks to the new partnership, users of HMS-based devices can now access almost all important banking applications and can also use the NFC mobile payment solution. The company also announced a revamped navigation app, Petal Maps, which has been enhanced with interactive and smart features. In addition, Huawei Map has been added to the joint development of the passenger application, the Store.

With more than 65 million residential and over 500,000 business users, Revolut is one of the largest FinTech companies in the world and has been available in more than 35 countries around the world since its launch in 2015.

Cooperation with Revolut is another important milestone in the field of HMS-based hardware banking and payment solutions. Just two months ago, HUAWEI announced its partnership with British company Curve Pay fintech to offer a complete NFC mobile payment solution that can be used with most local bank cards at no cost.

Free premium subscription for 2 months

Through the partnership between Revolut and HUAWEI, 560 million active AppGallery users now have access to comprehensive fintech financial services. With Revolut, users can easily review their income and expenses as well as their savings and investments, and have complete control over their finances. Revolut also strives to support retailers and offers a commercial advantage that allows retailers to offer a better payment experience to their customers.

In the initial period, Revolut will offer AppGallery users free access to their premium subscription for up to two months, worth approximately HUF 11,000. The opportunity is available worldwide, including Hungary, and can be applied for from December 13, 2021 until the end of the month.

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double protection

Both HUAWEI and Revolut place great emphasis on safety. The app’s unique anti-fraud and security systems are designed to keep clients’ funds safe 24 hours a day. In addition, AppGallery has its own set of financial security protocols that its partners can use upon launch of the platform. Revolut has integrated a number of HUAWEI’s core HMS packages, including those primarily focused on safety improvement, such as the Safety Detection Kit, Awareness Kit, and Identity Kit.

“We are excited to be able to offer an app with exciting features to a global AppGallery audience like Revolut.”

Said Ceri J Borsum, Vice President, Global Financial Development and Collaboration, HUAWEI Consumer Business. “Banking platforms like Revolut are aligned with our goal of giving more people around the world access to the best selection of banking apps and services,” Borsum added.

The petal map will also be updated

In addition to finances, an important new feature is that the next version of Petal Map is now available on the AppGallery, making navigation easier. Petal Map 2.0 has been updated with an all-new look and interactive features, including driver assistance in choosing the optimal route, and offline app navigation and search features are now available. Petal Maps 2.0 is equipped with an all-new look and interactive features, with more vibrant colors and more advanced street-level architectural details than its predecessor.

Shop the petal map

The Store, the popular navigation platform, was one of the first major brands to join AppGallery. Thanks to another joint development, the Bolt app has become much more user friendly. This is because users can choose another option when planning the time, direction and length of their trip in Petal Maps. In addition to driving, public transportation, walking and biking, the store is now popping up. Once a user clicks on the code, they will be automatically taken to the Store app, where they can book a driver, check driver details, location, and find out the cost of the trip.

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AppGallery is expanding rapidly

AppGallery is HUAWEI’s app store that is available in more than 170 countries and regions and already has more than 560 million monthly active users. The company works with 5.1 million development partners around the world to make more and more applications available on the platform. The number of apps reached 173,000 in October 2021, and 90% of the apps available on Google Play today can be found in the AppGallery. In addition to the App Store, Petal can also achieve significant results: HUAWEI Petal Maps already has 7 million monthly active users in Europe, and HUAWEI Petal Search has 32 million monthly active users and 3,000 partners around the world.

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