Index - Tech - A video game that evokes Hungarian folk tales is being made

Index – Tech – A video game that evokes Hungarian folk tales is being made

A unit engine-based video game titled Behind the Beyond, is being created to evoke the image of a galactic folk tale. There is no release date yet, the project is still in development, but the game’s data sheet is now available on Steam and the program can be added to your wishlist.

The developer of Behind the Beyond is Sugarpunch Games, the game world is based on the idea of ​​Katalin Rábel.

The protagonist of this point-and-click adventure game set in the mysterious world of Hungarian folk tales will be Jánoska, the youngest son of a poor man who has to solve the mysteries of the kingdom and find his career. Funds for the project will be raised by the team through a soon-to-be-launched Kickstarter campaign, Write First I wish.

The usual interactions of point-and-click games have been supplemented with some role-playing elements. It is possible to develop Jánoska’s strength, magic and skill, which can be solved in different ways to solve the puzzle.

In Behind the Beyond, typical tracks of Hungarian folklore, background music as well wheel belt Provide. According to the developers, the artists who drew the game tried to recreate a unique and cult world Jankovics Marcel created in his drawings.

Unfortunately, the Hungarian dubbing is not ready for the game, only in English. The interface is Hungarian and the dialogues are categorized as well. It is questionable how the popular culture references promised by the developers will be translated into English and how well they will be understood and appreciated by an international audience.

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No release date yet, software can only be added to Wishlist A steam. And the system requirements are minimal: Windows 7, 2 GB of RAM, a 2 GHz processor The developers ask you to run the game.

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