Russell: Hűséges vagyok a Mercedeshez, de tartom a kapcsolatot a többi istállóval

I’m loyal to Mercedes, but I’m in touch with other stables

The young Briton is constantly receiving questions that explore the future of Formula 1. The young Briton tries to put it down diplomatically, but it can be sensed from his answers that he won’t wait indefinitely. mercedes Meeting.

Russell declared: “I belong to Mercedes, and I am loyal to them.” F1 Nation Podcast in its new broadcast. “From day one, they stand by me, give me every opportunity, but I always like to keep in touch with everyone.”

“I don’t like to lock the door either, if someone asks me for a short talk, I never say no. You never know what will happen in the future, things will change drastically.”

More F1 news:

“It’s enough just to look at Stefano. He was a team captain at Ferrari and is now the CEO of F1. I mean, ten years ago, no one would have expected that,” added the talented Briton, who added that there are only 20 seats on the grid, so it should That there is a gap.

“The unique thing about Formula One is that there are only 20 sessions here, and if you start losing your level, if the results don’t come in, you could lose your session and there is no guarantee that you will come back later.”

“In football, if you lose your level, you will be on the bench for a few weeks, but then you can prove it in training. Or tennis, for example, where if you lose your performance, you will go down to the world rankings, but then you can fight yourself in Top 10, or even No. 1. Even though you are ranked 25th in the world in Formula One, you no longer have a job.

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