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Monday June 14, 2021 11:40


The German has betrayed the four-time world champion Aston Martin driver that although he loves to drive alone, he is still in Formula One because of the competitive nature of the sport.

When he was dispatched from Ferrari last year, it was also raised that Sebastian Vettel might be leaving Formula 1. In the end, he ended up at Aston Martin, appearing in the previous two races after the poor production he saw at the start of the season. Slowly at the age of 34, the German was clearly one of the older members of the field, and when asked about it, the pilot also noted that if he fell in love with Formula 1, he wouldn’t want to take his place from the juniors:

“Compared to other sports, there are a limited number of places in F1,” Vettel noted, citing “I think that for some reason you can’t live with all your heart anymore, it’s time to stand aside and pass the opportunity to the other pups. In tennis, we can say we’re not taking anyone else’s place, but in a car race, where there are only twenty seats, It might as well be.”

To the question of whether he participates in Formula 1 because of his love for the sport, Vettel gave an answer very similar to that of Fernando Alonso, who is a few years older than him:

“I think we all share a love of sports, otherwise we wouldn’t have come to this position, and that unites us. Moreover, personal motivations may differ, so we may disagree as to why we do it later. That is why I can only speak for myself, but I am here to win.” I won the last prick from there but I still like driving anyway so I don’t think we’re going to lose that either, but I’ve always liked a part of the competition to compete against others to see who is the best on the day when it really matters which way it works as well as working with team to overcome these obstacles.”

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