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In April, each update may cause fewer problems.

February and March were really difficult for video card manufacturers. Both AMD and Nvidia gamers have had serious problems. In the best cases, only the number of compressed frames decreased, but in extreme cases it was not uncommon for a reinstallation to solve the problem only. Apart from the bugs, there are also things that need to be highlighted. AMD has improved the FPS numbers, and users have reported a noticeable increase in many titles. On the Nvidia side, RTX Video Super Resolution debuted. At first, we could only encounter the video upgrade in the browser, but last week the update also arrived for the popular VLC video player.

A new Nvidia driver arrived this week, so we have to install it!

Two new titles will arrive in the near future, for which Nvidia engineers have already prepared. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Dead Island 2 also got their own profiles. The list of fixed bugs isn’t bad either, and a bug fix has also arrived for Valve’s semi-final title:

  • Fenyx Rising will no longer freeze
  • Shadowplay will correctly record EA Play games
  • Running Reflex no longer degrades performance in Counter-Strike 2

It is the latest driver with number 531.68 > below You can download it by clicking on the link.

Don’t you even need a dedicated video card? – That’s how powerful the integrated GPU from AMD is

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