I wish Is a local account sufficient?

Microsoft’s decisions are not always popular with the community.

You can love or hate Windows 11, but for some devices, it’s a must. 12th and 13th Gen Intel processors perform better under the new OS (and newer CPU schedule), but new titles sometimes perform better. Over time, these differences, which at the moment seem to be only small, can really push gamers towards the new version.

However, Microsoft has made many questionable decisions with Windows. The most obvious is the more stringent hardware requirements than before, as well as TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot requirements. Of course, the Redmond company had to draw the line somewhere, you can’t support 20-year-old hardware forever. Despite this, it is unacceptable that we cannot officially install the latest version of Windows on a device equipped with a Ryzen 1XXX CPU. It also annoys a lot that almost all services require an active internet connection, and even during installation we can run into problems. Many times this is not our fault, because Windows does not recognize new Ethernet / Wi-Fi network cards without a driver.

Let’s see how we can create an offline account!

One click

If we make our own installer ourselves, we can suppress the root of the problem. For this We need to use the Rufus installer, which creates a USB drive with Windows 11 for us in seconds. However, it can be used to disable several protections prior to installation. In addition to secure boot and TPM 2.0, the useful tool also provides offline account capability, after which we no longer need to take extra steps. We don’t have to search for any settings, the program bombards us with the above screen before the Start button so we can fully customize our upcoming Windows 11 installation. In addition to the local account, we can also disable collections related to our data.

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Once the installer is ready

Even if we work with a ready-made installer, we can solve the problem in seconds. In the installer, we need to get to the screen where Microsoft Windows 11 is looking for an Internet connection. However, due to missing drivers or our conscious decision, the World Wide Web is not accessible. Then we can work around the problem with some simple key combinations and commands. Let’s take a look at these steps:

  • If you reach a step similar to the image above, press A Shift + F10 keys
  • Then a command line will appear, and we must enter the following command there: OOBE \ BYPASSNO
  • After that, the computer restarts, and then we go through the network step again
  • Then we have to select the line with “I don’t have internet” or similar meaning shown in the image above
  • You can easily create a completely offline account in just a few steps

It is incomprehensible why Microsoft forces users to take turns, because with the Z690 / Z790 chipset or even the A620 / B650 / B670 chipset, it often happens that it does not really recognize one of the network cards. Fortunately, by using the above tricks, we can address the annoying limitation either during or during installation.

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