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I wish  Did the community win?

I wish Did the community win?

The original plans weren’t about this, but Epic Games backed out due to pressure.

16.07.2023 – At the end of June, Fortnite data miners discovered that Epic Games was preparing a special collaboration. It’s no secret that Epic Games Store users can get one or two free titles every week. Just as there have been examples in the past where Fortnite players can change their “default” skin for free.

Based on the information currently available, The Elder Scrolls Online may join this illustrious company on July 20th. For the game on other platforms, they charge 20 euros, so players can save almost 7,500 HUF. At the same time, a pack inspired by the aforementioned game character has appeared in Fortnite Files.

The community didn’t like Epic’s plan, it looks like they were convinced!

Until the weekend, Epic Games calculated that the collection shown above would only be offered as a gift along with the additional paid version. For some reason, this has caused more gamers to hate than average, although we have previously encountered many similar promotions on the company’s front.

At dawn on Sunday, data miners read about changes to the Epic Games servers. For now, it looks like the Fortnite deck shown above will also be included in the free version of The Elder Scrolls Online available on the Epic Games Store. Thanks to this, fans can not only collect a successful game, but also get a very nice skin absolutely free.

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