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I vowed to go to Heaven from Hell –

I vowed to go to Heaven from Hell -

The Liu brothers continued their career in the World Championships in Dordrecht: Liu Shawang won the World Complex title, Alexander Liu Shaolin won the silver. After more success, the Liu brothers appreciated it happily.

Liu Shaolin won the gold, Liu Shawang won the silver in the 1000 meters, and most importantly, everyone’s belief in work returned (Photo: Imago Images)


On the borders of fainting

“Is that what I meant on Saturday when I said Sunday might be more beautiful?”
He said “something like that.” Liu Shauang.

Wasn’t it difficult to back off after the first World Cup title in your career and prepare for the closing day?
“I was so happy with gold, luckily I quickly realized what I had achieved so I stood Sunday on the starting line as if no one had to prove it again.

The 1000m Final was reminiscent of last year’s European Championships in Debrecen.
“It’s the same for me,” I’m happy that we are staying where we are now, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“Did you clearly target the vehicle priority after the Sabbath went?”
“Since we stood face to face with Charles Hamlin from Canada after the first day, I had to prepare mentally more: the complex medal is a serious goal, and of course a great achievement in our sport. I did this, but at the same time I was sleeping terribly, I woke up in the morning as it feels People at the end of a three-day festival …

– When was this gone?
“It didn’t pass, there was a moment when I really thought I fainted.” I was tired all the way, but I was with him when I got stuck in it, I still had to do it.

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From Hell to Heaven

“Tell me, how did you gather yourself after this unfortunate Saturday?”
“I made a vow in the morning to go to heaven.” Liu Shaolin Alexander. I ran really well on Saturday, but somehow something always happened – it just wasn’t easy to bear when ice broke out under me en route in the semi-finals of the Five Hundred. I’m tired after the first day, however, I think I had to assemble myself more mentally than others, and of course it had in my mind that even though Charles Hamlin from Canada is fourteen times world champion, he’s already thirty-six years old – he doesn’t beat him. Anymore!

The 1,000m semi-final was a key factor.
“Of course, because Hamlin couldn’t keep up, he didn’t make it to the finals, and he showed that with points.” He took the opposite road: After two distances he led the complex, and in the end he became the sixth: He went from Heaven to Hell.

Was it bad Saturday’s luck in the roar after winning the 1000m final?
“It sure was, but mostly my brother, Adam’s victory in him – I was happier with his gold than his.”

“Brothers, but that still looks amazing.”
– But this is the case. We settled for the 3,000m Super Final, but in the end I wasn’t worried that Compound Gold wasn’t mine either, because it made me make a mistake, but I was a bit afraid that ours wasn’t the first two places. It doesn’t matter which one of us wins.

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The Hungarian team concluded the World Championships in Dordrecht with three golds and three silver medals.

World Championships, DORDRECHT
Men. 1000 meters. World Champion: Siu Liu Shaolin (Hungary, Club: FTC, Coach: Lina Csang Csing, Ákos Bánhidi) 1: 25.901,
2. Liu Shawang (Hungary, club: FTC, coach: Csang Csing Lina, Bánhidi Ákos) 1: 26.000, 3. Pietro Sieghel (Italy) 1: 26.083. 3000m Super Final: 1. Sebastian Lebap (France) 4: 47.602, 2. De Lat (Netherlands) 4: 55.162, 3. Liu Shaolin Sandor 4: 58.602, … 6. Liu Shawang 5: 03.531. The end result of a complex competition. Vb: Liu Shaoang 60 points, 2. Alexander Liu Shaolin 55, 3. Simeon Yelstratov (Russian National Team) 44. a woman. 1000 meters. 5th: Susan Schulting (Netherlands) 1: 26.854, 2. Hanne Desmet (Belgium) 1: 26.993, 3. Courtney Sarrault (Canada) 1: 27.470, … 7. Petra Jászapáti (Hungary) … 28. Zofia Konya (Hungary). 3000m Super Final: 1. Susan Schulting 5: 21.602, 2. Sarrault 5: 21.773, 3. Botsma (Netherlands) 5: 22.629. The end result of a complex competition. Fifth: Susan Schulting, 136 2. Courtney Sarrault, 58, 3. Ariana Fontana (Italy) 39, … 10. Petra Yasapati … 27. Zofia Konya

Men. Gearbox (5000 m). Vb: Netherlands 6: 46.161, 2. Hungary (Csaba Burján, John-Henry Krueger, Liu Shaoang, Sndor Liu Shaolin, Alex Varnyú) 6: 55.809, 3. Italy 6: 56.554. a woman. Rosary (3000 meters). Vb: Netherlands 4: 08.024, 2. France 4: 10.267, 3. Italy 4: 17.631, … Hungary (Sára Luca Bácskai, Petra Jászapáti, Zsófia Kónya, Maja Somodi, Rebecca Sziliczei-Német)

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