Hungary is embarrassingly behind in the European Union in terms of vaccinations

Hungary is embarrassingly behind in the European Union in terms of vaccinations

It seems that the lack of vaccines is no longer the one that slows down the administration of Coronavirus vaccines in the member state of the European Union the most, but which country has organized the vaccination and its effectiveness. In this “race”, Hungary is not near the podium.

France, Germany and other European countries are struggling to accelerate mass vaccination against the Coronavirus and are under increasing population pressure to improve the situation – Transformation From the Financial Times European Progress Report. At the same time, other countries, especially northern European countries, are producing much better efficiency in using the vaccine doses available to them. In Denmark and Sweden, the target has been set for all adults wanting to be vaccinated by the end of June. With this, I would have outpaced the wealthy British in a month, and they would convince the Germans and the French, who plan to vaccinate 70 percent of adults by September.

In Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands delay It contrasts sharply with rapid vaccination in Denmark, Estonia, and Lithuania, indicating that it is no longer the vaccination deficiency that slows down the vaccination of European populations, but the efficiency of each country in organizing. This will be more than in the second quarter, which is not so long ago when the doses available to the European Union will triple to 300 million. The time will soon come when the success of the vaccination campaign will depend on each country.

the secret of success

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The Danish government issued a tender for private medical companies to join the vaccination campaign. The goal is to quadruple its current dose of 400,000 per day from March to the end of July. That’s 8.5% of the population of 5.8 million, but of course the population has to be wiped out twice. Since the beginning of May, they want to vaccinate 3 million people in just seven weeks. Experts say this is a very ambitious plan, but if there’s little chance it’s feasible, you should give it a try.

In Sweden, they also want to involve private clinics and professional health organizations in the vaccination campaign. The goal is to inject four million vaccines into 8.2 million countries between April and June. The local leaders responsible for vaccination know that this is a very ambitious goal, especially since no such organization has been in operation yet. Other European countries also want to speed up, but by setting more modest goals. In Italy, for example, they want to include volunteers from the military and civilians in the organization. In Ireland of five million people, 82 percent of the population would like to have at least one first dose of the vaccine by the end of June.

A sign of determination

The daily vaccination of seven to eight percent of the population that Danes are planning is unlikely to meet, but the point is the attitude it reflects. Everything is moved to get a mass vaccination quickly, says Jacob Funk Kierkegaard, a scientist at the Peterson Institute for International Electronics Electronics who monitors the vaccination process. Data from the European Union’s European Center for Disease Prevention and Control shows that vaccine use varies widely across Europe.

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In Estonia and Lithuania, all available doses have been introduced into humans. Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Portugal and Cyprus have an efficiency of 80%.

Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Bulgaria and However, Hungary did not use more than two-thirds of the available doses.

Of the 7.7 million doses in France, only 3.8 million were entered, the worst number in the European Union. In Germany, where the press attacks the European Commission more due to the lack of vaccines, large stocks of vaccines have accumulated, which was confirmed by semi-official sources.

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