Index - Economy - That's why chicken has become so expensive lately

Index – Economy – That’s why chicken has become so expensive lately

The head of the Poultry Products Council informed the radio concern that the high feed prices and the sharp rise in energy costs created a very difficult situation for the sector.

The Chairman of the Producer’s Council also spoke about the fact that the bird flu that appeared in Hungary in November was also a serious problem for the poultry sector, and the problem remains.

Once again, I would like to draw the attention of poultry farmers to comply as much as possible with the disease control instructions and regulations required by law, which is in the fundamental interest of the entire sector.

– Attila Ksurbay said, adding that feed prices rose by about 50-60 percent in the previous year.

If we take into account that this cost is about two thirds of the cost of poultry farming, then we can say that the cost of raw materials has increased by 20-30 percent.

– He emphasized the head of the organization, who said that the cost of energy prices had fallen and that only residential energy consumers were protected by cutting overheads.

The head of the Poultry Products Council said higher energy prices would have to be paid by both slaughterhouses and producers.

I can say that we can see a 25-30 percent increase in costs in almost every product line, and that can only be incorporated into long-term transfer pricing.

he betrayed For radio information In a previous query.

As the index previously reported, the government returned the prices of six foods to the level they were on October 15 last year. The decision on this was announced by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and the government decree on the measure was published in the Hungarian Gazette on Friday evening.

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Accordingly, the action taken regarding food prices will come into effect on February 1 and end on May 2.

The official products are listed in the annex to the government decision as follows:

  • granulated sugar (white sugar)
  • Wheat Flour BL 55
  • Refined sunflower cooking oil
  • Pork giblets (including bone, skin, fillet, shredded, shredded or chopped, whether or not prepackaged, fresh, chilled or frozen)
  • Chicken breasts, chicken thighs, pork and loin (including bone-in, skin-in, sliced, shredded, sliced ​​or ground, whether packed or not, fresh, chilled or frozen)
  • Heat-treated cow’s milk 2.8% by weight or more

(Cover Photo: Chicken Processing Factory July 8, 2005. Photo: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

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