Hungarian coach Hertha: There are matches when you tear your hair out

Tamáses Bódog has earned the confidence of the Hertha management, but they are not in an easy position.

Tamas Bodogsecond coach of Hertha BSC, still believes in fighting for survival at home.

On Wednesday, the Hungarian specialist spoke to M4 Sport’s National Sports News channel about his team’s situation and, in his words, the quality of the players makes them fit to play at the top. He pointed out that in the last eight rounds, Hertha will play against the teams of the House of Representatives, and these meetings will be the main ones.

Our performance is fickle because there are matches when you tear your hair out and you don’t know your team, but now against Freiburg, which is a higher level, we managed to get a good result.

Bodog said.

The 52-year-old also said that the club’s recently appointed new management supports the coaching staff and trusts their work. At the same time, Bódog realizes that the results determine their fate.

“Just from the example of Bayern Munich, you can see that if you have two or three games, things can change very quickly. But despite that, this new leadership voted for us. They told us to work calmly, because they know how difficult the conditions are.” When we took over the team.

In the last three or four years money has been spent here, which unfortunately we don’t have at our disposal now, but the core, the framework that has remained here and that we’ve formed, I think can become a Bundesliga-level team next year as well. in Hertha

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Tamas Bodog concluded his speech.

After 26 rounds, Hertha is only 16th, which means that based on their current position, they have yet to prove themselves worthy of Bundesliga membership in the rankings. On the other hand, the 15th place, which deserves to stay, is only three points away, while the place that has already landed is only one point away.

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