Hungarian-Australian Ziggy Alberts performs a concert here for the first time

Ziggy He can boast of his Hungarian ancestry, his mother was 9 years old when she moved to Australia with her family. In 2015, during a European cruise, Ziggy and his family traveled to Budapest, and this was the first visit to his mother’s homeland. He gave his first European concerts on the occasion of the trip, and since then has regularly toured many European countries. You don’t have to wait long for him to visit our country again, because on May 1, 2023, he will perform in Hungary on the A38 ship, bringing his original and honest life stories to Hungary.

Alberts released his sixth studio album, A.I Dancing in the darkAfter that, which he’s been working on for a year and a half. the Dancing in the dark The album is an attempt to overcome adversity and embody love and hope. In Alberts’ words: “I hope these stories lift you up and hold you together even when the waves of change encourage you to do otherwise.”

Ziggy Alberts

The album is another chapter in Alberts’ artistic development, musicality and personal explorations, both in introspection and in the natural world. The record is honest and authentic, conveying it beautifully with creative melodies and humility. His songs are inspired by travel, nature and personal experiences.

As Alberts explains, the 10-track collection serves as a time capsule of his experiences in today’s society, having been written and recorded over the past year. With this new album, Alberts shares his discovery future folkHe calls it: time symbols, antidissonances, new soundscapes and themes, tuned background vocals, all woven into a folksy foundation.

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The album’s opening track, A.J campfire Ziggy’s classic charm is exuded by a melodic reminder that you can “light the campfire” and soar above it in any period of darkness.
title song, Dancing in the dark The culmination of the Future Folk concept that the album aims to capture. Alberts explains: “This is it [dal] Finally, A Story About Dancing in the Dark encapsulates the aspiration and spirit of this entire record: singing and digging deep into bravery and joy rather than sadness and chaos.

The album closes rewind It’s steeped in teardrop vibrations and sensual fun, so listeners are sure to find themselves on repeat. The Latin-inspired folk track features a bossa nova beat and Alberts’ signature soft vocals. As Ziggy describes it, the song is “an invitation to be present and accept your life’s experiences as if they were your first and last”. the rewind His mood matches the final song of the 10-track disc.

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