Horizon Worlds, the Facebook metaversion lobby has been launched

Horizon Worlds, the Facebook metaversion lobby has been launched

US users can now access Horizon Worlds, a virtual reality app for Meta (first name: Facebook). The application was preceded by a year of testing – BBC writes.

Horizon Worlds is the first major Facebook-related release since the company changed its name to Meta, announcing that it would build its own transformation in the form of interconnected digital worlds. Users of the app, like Roblox or other software focused on creativity, can create their own games and software in the base game designed by Meta.

While content creators cannot make money from the content they create, Meta has created a $10 million fund of funding that will be spent on rewarding winning posts. Horizon Worlds differs in this from Roblox, where creators can sell their games directly and get in-game currency in return.

The virtual reality software is free to use for those over eighteen years of age who have an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset (marketed by Meta). Players can create their own floating VR avatar without feet and immerse themselves in the virtual world.

“With Horizon Worlds, we want to create creative virtual reality using the best community building tools in the world. We have spent the past year developing and improving these tools a lot based on the creators’ feedback.”

– Meta wrote in the official statement.

The tools that can be used to create content are built right into the virtual reality software, so creators won’t have to download any additional add-ons. Players can fly in their own worlds to place trees or different shapes on the field as if they were building blocks, and they can shape the digital environment to their own taste. Once created, you can create a set of virtual space rules using a variety of pre-programmed scripts.

According to Meta, in the invite-based beta of Horizon Worlds, users have already built thousands of unique worlds: shooting and platform games, white water rafting, witch’s broom competition, and more.

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