Hockey: Canadian defender Fradi unexpectedly retires

Hockey: Canadian defender Fradi unexpectedly retires

An unexpected decision has been announced by the hockey department of FTC-Telekom: Marcus Perrier, the Canadian defender for the men’s team, has extended his contract, which expires at the end of the season, for another year, but Ferencvaros will not be a player in the 2019-20 season.

Marcus Perrier left Frady (Photo: Giorgi Konks)


Marcus Perrier joined Frade during the season in November 2018 and did so well that he was the first player to expire a year in April. However, he recently made an unexpected request to the management.

Marcus noted an unexpected situation in the family back home in Canada. It became certain that his wife would not be able to keep up with him in the next European season, so our defender requested that although he was aware that he had a signed contract for next season, let’s break it up, he does not want and cannot do without his family for a whole year. – Notified about the circumstances of the termination Szabolex Fodor head coach To – Of course the news shocked us because he was a key member of our team, but me and the department management members are family members, we know exactly what it is and how it is, which is more important in life than elite sports. That is why we have decided not to cross an obstacle in the way of Perrier’s departure. With that, our Legion battalion has melted down to five, but we are working hard to find a successor.”

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