Catalog - FOMO - We've finally learned what Pumped Gabo is all about

Catalog – FOMO – We’ve finally learned what Pumped Gabo is all about

On Csilla Tatar’s YouTube channel, A # feed We can see Pumped Gabo again on his show, who also talked about it, it was nice to be able to follow characters like a kid and a teenager like him.

I just thought it was cool back in the day to have a kid like me and be able to follow myself on Instagram. There is an old saying that you should be the hero you needed when you were young.

When asked, he also said what he lives on. The bodybuilding flu that has so far propelled itself into the index over the past two years I’ve talked about it beforeHe sees social media only as a livelihood and only wants to be successful behind the counter.

I knead on my own and go to the hairdresser. I fund it by putting it on Instagram, and people enjoy it, and they buy the things I buy from it. I don’t really work for a minute, I just live as a hobby. Being good, having fun every day is the meaning of life.

At the end of the interview, he wanted to see Csilla Tatar on Instagram, but had forgotten her name.

I’m looking for you now… I forgot your name anyway. But kayaking because it’s too early for me, I’m not very good at names. Yes, Cecilia Tatar, she’s fine. Looking at you, I say, only comes to mind!

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