Here is the first video of Mr. Tamas and his sweet love

Mr. Tamas At the age of 52, he practically gave up love, but then a beautiful painter magically entered his life. Big Buttercupwho instantly charmed him.

Master Tamas was soon charmed by the young painter (Photo: Facebook)

“When I accepted that the life of a hermit was written for me… Then he came.” Tamas wrote at the beginning of January next to photos with Boggi, who is 20 years younger than him.

the Lovers of spiritual thought They currently live in Bali in perfect harmony and harmony. Fortunately, they are both artists, so it often happens that they paint and paint together with meditation. They also made a quick video of their latest creative process. The recording shows that everything is happening naturally between them, their relationship is clear.

By the way, Tamas doesn’t just fall in love, he’s talked about this before.

“For some reason, my image is that I’m a big girl, but that’s not the case. I’m open to getting to know each other, but it’s so hard to fall in love. Now, in a way, I feel like there’s an opportunity for that feeling this year.”

– the singer, who is one of these frightened stars, told one of the daily newspapers They maintain their privacy.

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