Hallas swimmers excel again at Hódmezővásárhely - Kiskunhalas and Hallas region news

Hallas swimmers excel again at Hódmezővásárhely – Kiskunhalas and Hallas region news

Naturtex Swimming Cup, 2021 February 13-14. Hódmezővásárhely – With the support of the local government of the city of Kiskunhalas and MERCBAW CFT.

Most of the gold medals were provided by Hunor Paplógó, who won one more bronze medals for two golds. Along with Benjamin Toth and Kata Farga, Edna Shmil was one of the medal collectors.

In the László Dávid 400 meters, the 33-second correction highlighted him as one of the best solo competitors in swimming.

Students of Attila Novotny and Kristóf Csontos, in addition to the nine coronation centers, scored 26 points in the two-day program.

Podium and places to score:

PAPLÓGÓ HUNOR (2011) 2 gold – 50m butterfly, 100m butterfly, 1 bronze – 200m butterfly, 8th place – 200m mixed
Benjamin Tooth (2008) 1 gold – 100 meters butterfly, 1 bronze – 200 meters butterfly, 4th place – 400 meters fast, 7th place – 200 meters
Shamil Edna (2011) 3 bronze – 50m fast, 50m chest, 400m fast, fourth place – 200m back, 200m mixed, 5th place – 100m back, 6th place – 50m back
VARGA KATA (2003) – in absolute age – one bronze – 200m butterfly, 4th place – 400m mixed, 400m fast, 5th place – 100m butterfly, seventh place – at 200m
BAKRÓ-NAGY DÁNIEL (2004) 7th place – 400m speed, 8th place – 100m return
Pereczi Ron (2007) 7th place – 100m return
MÜTÉ FÜLÖP (2008) 6th place – 100m Butterfly, 7th place – 100m
Case Bana (2010) 4th place – 50m back, 100m back, 5th place – 200m back, 6th place – 50m back, seventh place – 400m fast, 200m mixed
DÁM KOVÁCS (2003) 8th place – at 400 meters
PATOCSKAI CSENGE (2008) 7th place – 100 AD return
DAMJÁN SÖRÖS (2011) 6th place – 100m breast, 8th place – 100m fast

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Total: 3 golds, 6 bronzes, 26 points

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