Get the new Call of Duty game like Rainbow Six

Get the new Call of Duty game like Rainbow Six

Although Vanguard was launched only a few months ago, netizens are already very much looking forward. More and more information is being leaked about the new Call of Duty, which is rumored to take the Modern Warfare story even further.

One of the latest information reveals interesting gameplay that has not yet been experienced in the franchise. According to two leakers, the developers of Call of Duty are working on Rainbow Six: Siege mode.

The leaked game mode will also have hidden cameras and path sections and many landmarks can be equipped with reinforcements (just like we boost walls and walkways in Rainbow Six). Destruction can be the main element in the game, and it is also the power of attraction of the siege. And of course, the development team will serve all this with a defensive offensive duo team.

What exactly will come of this is the music of the future, but if leakers talk about such details, then almost certainly something will happen …

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