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German competitiveness lags far behind
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German competitiveness lags far behind

Germany needs skilled domestic and foreign workers to ensure its prosperity. An international comparison clearly shows what the country needs to do to improve skilled migration – Bertelsmann Chairman Ralf Heck answered the study, noting that Germany is doing well at least in terms of higher education.

V4NA also relates to another previous study mentionedIt became clear that German small and medium-sized companies could no longer keep up with the United States, Scandinavia and Western Europe.

In a survey by the Leibniz Center for European Economic Research (ZEW), Germany is now 18th overall. By comparison, in 2006, when ZEW first conducted a study of this kind, Germany was still in tenth place.

– In Germany, family businesses can no longer keep up with small and medium-sized companies in North America, Western Europe and Scandinavia. The survey revealed that they receive a particularly unfavorable assessment in the areas of taxation and energy. In addition to taxes, critics of Germany’s current business environment blame the country’s bureaucracy, which can be compared to an endless well, for the ugly data. Rainer Kirchdorfer, president of the Foundation for Family Business and Policy, has called for tax cuts to ease the burden on businesses.

He told German newspaper Bild that the country remains one of the most expensive places to do business among OECD members. “If nothing happens, the burden of bureaucracy will kill the family business,” he warned.

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