Gasly expects a lot of AlphaTauri projects in Imola

The fourth race of the 2022 Formula 1 season will take place the weekend leading up to us: the field will be visiting Imola, where the first sprint race weekend will be hosting the teams. This is why most sheds are not made with important innovations, as there will never be enough time to evaluate them. AlphaTaur, on the other hand, will have improvements And the team’s French driver, Pierre Gasly, is confident that they will be able to come close to the lead.

“There will be some new batteries in the car and it’s not that we are slow to die. I don’t think there are many missing, but we need to come up with some improvements if we want to keep up with the others,” said the French talent. “So I personally am looking forward to what we’re going to do with those. This is a new car, there are new rules. We know it’s all about improvements this season.”

“Teams that can develop their cars faster than others will produce a better season. I think it will be a big test for us and hopefully these improvements will deliver the performance we expect from them.”

AlphaTauri is currently only ranked 8th in the design competition, Gasly feels They have the ability to move forward.

“Obviously the car will get better over the next few weeks, but I trust the team and I trust the upgrades they bring. Australia was a little bit heavier compared to our main competitors as McLaren made big strides out of the Alps. But I think we can feel good because we got points.”

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