FTC: Cherchesov denies the arrival of two Russian teams

FTC: Cherchesov denies the arrival of two Russian teams

The signing of the national football teams, Artyom Guba and Genis Chrysev, is not a topic in Ferencvaros, according to Stanislav Cherchesov, head of the championship team for Russia 24 TV channel.

Stanislav Cherchesov after a championship match in May (Photo: Karoli Orfai)

“I read that Russian footballers are being directed towards me, especially Juba and Sheresev, but at the moment we are not thinking of signing any of them – Tell Stanislav Cherchesov to Rosy 24. “The reason for this is very simple: we are trying to strengthen the framework for specific vulnerabilities, and we are now focused on that.”

The speculation is based on the fact that both the 55-times national team Artyom Juba (Zenit) and the national team, Genis Chercev (Valencia) will be available in the summer in search of a new team.

“Juba congratulated me with the league and cup title, and this was the last exchange of messages – Cherchesov said about the 33-year-old striker. “But these days I’m going to ask him what’s really going on here.” He’s won so much with Zenit, I have no idea why he’d want to switch. If you ask me for advice, I will of course give it, but I don’t know what your plans are yet. I think there is still a lot to do, which can be of great help to your future team.”

The Russian expert also spoke about it: he has a full sense of responsibility for the work of the first Hungarian club – which includes contacting the printers.

“I took charge of the team on the go and because of the team responsibilities, there was a player I saw for the first time a day or two before the first game. There was a distance from the crowd at first, but after I got to know the players, there was also a meeting with the drunks. I think we found common voice. And I must admit that the meeting has been very beneficial to me.”

Before the FTC, Cherchesov also won the championship and cup with the Polish team Legia Warsaw in the same year, a proposal was made: compare football between the two countries with Russia.

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“Russian clubs have a greater financial scope, partly due, for example, to the amount of distances the teams have to cover in a match, and the amount of high travel costs. Of course, comparisons can be made, but I will warn everyone not to underestimate Hungarian or Polish football. May I remember it badly, but Ferencvaros and Raku have progressed from the last two European Cup matches with Russian clubs … ”

What are the main goals of Ferencvaros for next season?

“The first and foremost thing is to get to the group stage of the Champions League. It is a very difficult task to go through the branch of the league, but both the fans and the management expect us to be there on the main board, even if it is not stipulated in my contract. During the preparation period, we are laying the foundations for the success of this mission.”

Summer game action in Ferenc
Adama Traore (Mali, Sheriff of Tiraspol – Moldova)
They can return from the loan: Andras Csonca (Budavok), Bonnie Dominic (Soroxar), Jira Daniel (AFC rifle), Inpur Patrick (Axe) , Balint Katuna (KTE), Matte Katuna (Soroxar), Adam Farga Follow Favorite
Appointed / who have signed a professional contract:-
Featured: Andrian Crave (Bulgaria, Levsky Sofia – Bulgaria), Derek Cornelius (Canadian, Vancouver Whitecaps – Canada, now Panetolikos – Greece), Salio Jindo (KF Laci – Albania)
Departures: Miha Blasic (Slovenian, your contract ends in Angers – France?)
They can leave / inquire about them: Roko Baturina
(Croatian), Lhasa Dvale (Georgia, your contract expires), Robert Mac (Slovak, your contract ends), Marco Marine (German, retired), Tokmac Nguen (Somali – Norwegian, Contract Expiry, Besiktas – Turkey, Feyenoord – Netherlands, Nagoya Grampus – Japan), Somalia (Brazilian)

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