For the first time in six decades, II. Elizabeth at the opening of the British Parliament

Prince Charles has been there several times in recent years with his mother at the Parliamentary Opening, but is now able to read the government’s program for the first time. Charles began reading every bill he read

His Majesty’s Government…

Secondly. Elizabeth has only missed this event twice during her 70-year reign.

First in 1959 and then in 1963 when she was pregnant with her two sons, Andrew and Edward.

The Queen has had to miss a number of public appearances since she was hospitalized for one night last October. There is no confirmed information about the problem with which the governor was hospitalized at the time. Elizabeth must issue so-called letters of concession (letters of patents) so that Prince Charles can replace him in his duties as ruler.

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The opening ceremony of the British Parliament was marked by enormous splendor. The Queen travels to the event in a state chariot and is accompanied by cavalry in uniform. The crown and other royal insignia are transported to the palace by another vehicle.

Wearing the mantle of state, the king will hold the ceremony in the House of Lords, where he will ascend the throne and officially inaugurate the new parliamentary session. Then he reads the legislative program of the government.

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