FIFA World Ranking: We are 39

FIFA World Ranking: We are 39

The International Football Association (FIFA) has published its latest and greatest in its world rankings this year: Hungary finished the year 2021 in 39th place.

Hungary’s national football team finishes 39th in the FIFA World Rankings (Photo: Miklos Szabo)


Since last November’s rankings, only 58 matches for the national team have been held all over the world, so there have been no significant changes in the rating – the ranking of the Hungarian team has not changed either, we finished the year in 39th place, the best since 2016 (26th) Our position in end of the year. (Last year, we ranked 40th in 2019, 52nd in 2018, and 51st in 2018.)

There was no change in the top 10 – but the US was ahead of the Germans in 11th – Belgium were in the lead for the fourth year in a row. Canada scored the most points (130.32) in 2021, ranking 40th.

The FIFA website notes that in 2020, only 352 matches were played for the national team due to the pandemic, up from 1,116 this year.

FIFA World Ranking (23 December 2021)
The previous month’s order is shown in parentheses.

1. (1.) Belgium
2. (2.) Brazil
3. (3.) France
4. (4.) Anglia
5. (5.) Argentina
6. (6.) Italy
7. (7.) Spain
8. (8.) Portugal
9. (9.) Denmark
10. (10.) The Netherlands
11. (12.) United States
12. (11.) Germany
13. (13.) Switzerland
14. (14.) Mexico
15. (15.) Croatia
… 39. (39) Hungary

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