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Favorite sport in the world

Favorite sport in the world

Either way, the sport is very popular all over the world. Whether it’s chasing them down or streaming and watching contests, it’s a fun, community-building activity. Even if we do not play this sport at a professional level, if we get together with our friends for a match and follow the performance of our favorite team, player or country, we feel excited, happy and upset about working together, we are guaranteed to have a good evening programme.

most popular

Obviously, the most popular sport around the world is football, that is, soccer. The sport has the largest number of regularly supporting fans (about 3.5 billion) and the most registered players (about 240 million from 200 countries). This is possible because soccer is one of the most accessible sports: it doesn’t matter your financial or geographic situation, all you need is a leather ball, a specific goal, maybe a jacket or two stretched out to the net, and the game. Running. In fact, many professional players started out this way, think of Neymar or Ronaldo Nazario. Don’t want to miss the broadcast? Hungarian football match today On our page you can find current broadcasts that you can listen to.

Most fans

China ranks first when we look at the number of football fans, and this is no surprise; It is densely populated, has a high population, and has a national team, but in recent years, the sport has lost a bit of its popularity. The number of football fans in India is estimated at about 125 million, which is evidence that football is one of the most popular sports in South Asia, but it has yet to overtake cricket in some regions to become the most popular sport in the entire world. region. 80% of the UAE population claim to be fans, followed by Thailand (78%), Chile (75%), Portugal (75%), Turkey (75%), Mexico (73%), Spain (70%). %) and South America (70%).

His story

According to records, the history of this sport dates back to ancient China more than 2,000 years ago. Greece, Rome and Central America also claim that sports can be linked to it; But it was the United Kingdom that turned football – or as the British and many people around the world call it, “soccer” – into the game we know today. Among other things, the English recorded basic rules, such as the prohibition of pushing another person up, or the prohibition of touching the ball with one’s hand.

New laws

As the sport developed, more and more rules were introduced, and historical milestones were established with them. For example, the introduction of the penalty kick in 1891, or the fact that FIFA joined Great Britain in 1913. Red and yellow cards have been used since the 1970 World Cup Final. Important changes introduced in recent times include, e.g. , in 1992, banned goalkeepers from deliberately tackling passes coming from behind.

The most popular stadium

The stadium that must be mentioned when talking about football is Wembley Stadium in London, which is the “home” of the England national team. All the most famous European and world football events are held here, in the ‘Home of Football’. For example, the 2012 Olympic football final was also held here. If it is not used for football, a lot of performers, bands and singers come here to give concerts, which brings extra prestige if they are able to fill the stadium with their fans (especially If they are preparing for several shows in a row…)

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Football is fun, there’s no denying that; Fun to play and fun to watch. To never miss any more broadcasts, follow Online newscast that you can easily access at any time!

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