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Expanding protection measures and border control

Expanding protection measures and border control

April 16, 2021 – 13:24

The deputy head of the operational strain of the operational strain responsible for controlling the coronavirus epidemic said, in an online press conference on Friday, that the government has extended the existing protection measures and border controls based on the proposal of operating stress.

Robert Case said that protective measures for compliance with mask wearing, events, accommodations, recreational facilities and higher education, as well as curfew rules will remain in effect.
He added that the second stage of lifting protection measures “affects” restaurants, kindergartens, general education, vocational training and adult education institutions.
A day after the vaccination count reached 3.5 million, the terraces and gardens of catering stores may open from 5 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Guests do not have to wear a mask on the terraces, but they do so inside the stores. They can only stay here to pick up the wanted food and drink or for as long as they use the toilet. Catering store operators and employees must wear a mask.
Violation of the rules is punishable by fines ranging from one hundred thousand to one million forints or temporary closure. Guests who do not comply with the regulations can be fined between five thousand and five hundred thousand forints. The on-site restaurants and bars are only open to business guests.
Until May 23, passenger traffic control and previous entry and transit rules will be maintained in the inland Schengen border sections. Returning Hungarian citizens are placed in official home quarantine for a period of ten days, unless they have contracted the Coronavirus within six months. Exemption from this can be obtained by taking two negative PCR tests, the first being the test in the Schengen member states and the test in the United States and Canada.
Robert Case said police took action Thursday against 512 people in public places and five people on public transport or in their waiting areas because they did not wear masks. Police have had to act 53,319 times since the introduction of epidemiological measures to violate the rules for wearing masks.
In the past 24 hours, police have taken action in 224 cases of curfew violations. With this, the curfew was lifted to 61,936, followed by the number of measures initiated in violation of the curfew, codes of public conduct and curfews.
Robert Case noted that during traffic control, rule violators were prosecuted in 73 cases on Thursday. He added that the passengers had been examined since September last year, and 15,437 measures had been taken against the violators so far.
The deputy head of the service center also reported that the number of those in official home quarantine increased by 6228 to 50,446 on Thursday.
He said that an IT app to monitor compliance with quarantine rules electronically is being used by 3,799.

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MTI April 16, 2021

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