Epidemic data deteriorates, but the British government is not tightening

The UK government has no plans to introduce austerity measures, despite the fact that the UK now has the highest number of daily coronavirus deaths since March. The government sees the number of daily deaths as much lower than the previous escalating phase of the epidemic, so no restrictions are needed.


In the United Kingdom, nearly 140 thousand have died as a result of the epidemic so far, making the number of victims the second highest in Europe after Russia, where it rose again to more than a thousand, setting another record for daily deaths. So the Russian government proposes a week-long national holiday between October 30 and November 7.

Most seriously ill patients are not vaccinated, says Georgy Arpolisvili, head of the intensive care unit at a hospital in Moscow, which is desperate because vaccination can prevent a dangerous course of the disease.


On Tuesday morning, order was restored at Gate 4 in the port of Trieste, which protesters had previously closed in protest that only workers vaccinated with green cards could work in Italy. On Monday, the police deployed water cannons and tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.


After a year and a half, Ireland will be allowed to reopen nightclubs, and that’s just a partial relaxation. Commitments to wear masks and stay away from a distance are expected to remain in place for months.

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