Epic Games is working on a character building program that could revolutionize video games

Epic Games is working on a character building program that could revolutionize video games

Unreal Engines has always been known for creating approximate visual areas, objects and characters with it. The Epic Games engine paved the way for development, and more realistic and detailed numbers could be generated from one edition to the next. However, Epic is going one step further, and not just Unreal Engine 5, but the character building tool that the development team referred to as the MetaHuman Creator. The amazingly complex software, which seems easy to use, is promoted in the videos below – one of them shows how to work with MetaHuman Creator live.

However, Unreal Engines have been used not only in games but also in the film and series industries, for example UE benefited from Andy Serkis’ transformations, but it was also used in Mandalorian and Westworld. Epic Games with MetaHuman Creator also aims to make it easier to create digital character models across the board, which is a very complex process – it has been so until now.

It’s a cloud-based app Epic pledges to reduce weeks or months of hard work to under an hour of “finger exercise” without having to compromise on quality. It’s ease, that’s why it’s important to have cloud-based technology, ready-made patterns (face, body, hair, etc.) can be downloaded from an ever-expanding database and curated to your liking. Since the design software is terribly detailed and meticulous, it is impossible to create two identical digital people / faces.

The great advantage of MetaHuman Creator is that the end results can be easily transferred to other programs, such as animation software, and individual animation charts can be easily applied to MetaHuman’s new models.

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An early access version of MetaHuman Creator will be available in the coming months. who cares You can read more about it hereAnd if we’re feeling ambitious, we can try two samples starting with version 4.26.1 of Unreal Engine. On the site indicated You will find these, too.

Remember, we’re receiving big announcements about the Epic Games Store tomorrow that will obviously be linked to exclusive games!

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