There will be a five-day break at the carrier at the end of July.

Due to the shift in IT, Vodafone Hungary will gradually shut down some of its back-end systems from the second half of July, replacing the system used to register its mobile customers. lost time According to Vodafone Hungary It will continue on the next line:

  • As of July 14, prepaid SIM cards will no longer be delivered based on online orders;
  • The entire mobile web store purchase process will stop on July 19, and it is no longer possible to buy a new device from Vodafone
  • From July 24, the service provider’s nearly complete mobile management process will be suspended for five days.

At the last stage of the migration, it will not be possible to settle invoices, shipping balances, purchase equipment and services or suspend warranty service for defective equipment, either online or in Vodafone stores.

The mobile shopping service will also not work: it will not be possible to pay parking fees and traffic fees via SMS or the application. During the rest period, Vodafone’s roaming service cannot be activated either, so a person who is preparing to travel should do this in advance.

The closure will end on July 29.

Wired services are not affected by this process.


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Vodafone has changed itself, and everything in Europe is now 100% renewable energy.


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