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Edina Kulchar: “Who is the fool who invents such ridiculous things about us?”

Edina Kulchar: “Who is the fool who invents such ridiculous things about us?”

Edina Kulcsár and GwM have responded to the rumors that have begun to spread about them in the past few days.

A few days ago, a rumor spread on Reddit that GwM abused his wife, Edina Kulcsar. The former beauty queen's mother, Christina Jakab, reportedly called the police, and the rapper was then transported from the scene. Since many readers have contacted us about the rumour, yesterday we contacted Edina's mother who said, among other things: “This is all a lie! No one harmed Edina.”

Christina Jakab also told our newspaper that she was angry that such filth was being spread on the Internet with impunity, then added that she loved her daughter's husband very much.

I love Mark so much, especially because I see how much my daughter loves him and how well he treats her.


About the rumor GwM and Edina Kulcsár, who has not posted on her Instagram page for several days, spoke about the rumor tonight – around the same time – on their social media pages. The former beauty queen's tall post revealed that she and Mark have intentionally withdrawn from their social media presence in recent days; According to them, they wanted to crown her with this

We are ok. We live our daily lives with as much love and happiness as possible.

Edina wrote at the beginning of the post that she thought it was terrible that she had to make this post, but as she wrote, she was under strong pressure to do all of this. “What kind of world do we live in that this can happen with impunity?! We are often subjected to slander and slander. If by chance we receive news that we consciously turn away from, we try not to react to it, but today I also learned that if I do not react to it, it is like Recognize the validity of the news!

The former beauty queen believes that she and her husband were victims of either a mentally disabled person or a bored person.

I also heard that this story may have been from someone who works in psychiatry and who “saw” my husband and heard that he was there because he “hit” me. If he really saw it that way, this very “committed” worker over there, the only explanation is that he is also a psychological case and sees something other than reality (in which case I wish him luck), or simply that he is a bored person, which is supposed He doesn't love us, so he made up a sensational story and started spreading it because it made him feel good… It's outrageous that such filthy lies can be spread about my husband (who is perfect for me).

Full post here It is possible to reach it.

Incidentally, GwM also responded to this rumor; On his Instagram page In a live video, he expressed his opinion about those spreading lies about him and his family on Reddit.

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