Maybe you will guess correctly.

It's already fluttering in the wind 😉

– The Prime Minister posted his latest video on TikTok with this short caption. In it, the parliamentary speech given by György Korda on Monday was combined with the song “Reptér”, which has become a cult in recent years, in which he announced that Ferihegy Airport would be bought back within days.

The Prime Minister's words were corrected on Tuesday by National Economy Minister Marton Nagy in his answer to ATV's question. He said “within days” could be two weeks or a month. According to Nagy, all that remains are the papers, and the airport may soon be owned 80% by Hungarians and 20% by French.

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In December, the minister also spoke of his desire to complete the purchase by the end of the year. In January, a government official told that the government would complete the deal by the end of February at the latest. In March, Marton Nagy spoke about the possibility of purchasing Budapest Airport by the summer.

We previously wrote in detail about how the government was going to buy back the airport: