The foundations of mayors of Fides and members of Parliament managed to increase by about 10 percent the total support last year.

In 2022, Fidesz has received approximately HUF 425 million to support the civic funds of the Hungarian Village Programme, i.e. the Village Civic Fund, as summarized in popular wordthe. According to the newspaper, among the 1,450 winners of last year’s tender, 113 of them were clearly linked to the Fidesz-KDNP party, and the heads and representatives of all of them held or held some positions in the colors of the ruling party, or campaigned openly in the party. Affected settlements to get the population to vote for the local Fidesz candidate.

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the people talk According to the NER winners, there are Fidesz municipal representatives, mayors and even members of parliament. According to the summary, 7.8 percent of the village bids funded by public money were won by candidates from Fidesz or close to the government. Translated into money: 8.8 percent of the total amount of about $4.8 billion went to net national income.

The newspaper notes that 16 percent of the supported institutions are related to sports, particularly football, 5 percent to conservatives, 2 percent to fishing associations, and 4 percent to hunting. Most of the winning organizations are voluntary fire-fighting associations, village development public institutions or institutions, or local civil guards. There are few institutions that deal with social activities among the laureates, most of them deal with the integration of Roma, a large part of them can be linked to the Lungo Drom, near Fidesz and led by Flórián Farkas.

Several members of parliament received civic funds from the village. the people talk One notable example is Simon Miklos, parliamentary representative of Fidesz for the 6th constituency of Szabolcs-Zatmar-Bereg. His association, Nyírbogát Hoportyó Vadasztársaság, received the largest possible sum, 7 million HUF. However, the association of Simon’s wife Egy Jobb Élétért also won the sum of 7 million. By the way, Ildiko Simoni Rezak is the mayor of Nerbugat.

Sándor Kovács, also a representative of Fidesz, was for several years president of the Good and Good Association in Szatmári Kistérségben, which received 2 million forints last year, and 6 million forints in 2020. His case is people talk He chose him because in 2020 against Kováccs, he was 24 h According to the article, the Szabolcs County Police Command ordered an investigation. the 24 h According to Kovacs, one of his friends, a former business partner of his wife, won various tenders worth about 1 billion HUF in Nerseg, in settlements belonging to the circle of politicians. However, in 2020, not only the police, but also the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) opened an investigation against Kovacs, because a guest house, a tourist exhibition house, and a boathouse were built on the actor’s family estate with a non-refundable amount. EU grant of 60 million HUF. The investigation was eventually terminated by NAV.


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Despite the hundreds of billions, despite the Hungarian Village Program, the population of villages is decreasing

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Nepszava denies that the Hungarian Village Program has produced any meaningful change, citing data from KSH. By the way, its two-year budget exceeded 350 billion HUF, and in 2021 the government will spend an additional 270 billion Swiss francs on the program.