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“Don't stare!” – They said to the snake driver who unfortunately dared

“Don't stare!”  – They said to the snake driver who unfortunately dared

What happened this week in Sioux City, USA, is instructive in several ways. This latest case joins a long line of car accidents involving Dodge Vipers, which once again confirms: you have to be careful with this sports car. Vipers are notoriously difficult to handle, and this is almost a given, although it seems that there are still people who overestimate their abilities behind the wheel of the example of an American sports car. However, it would be logical that the 600 hp American sports car equipped with an 8.4-liter V10 engine, driving on the rear axle, is not for beginners.

“He's going to hit that Prius.” [OC]
byu/French Fries Pancakes StringIdiotsInCars

The video makers noticed a Dodge Viper emerging from its parking spot through the window. For some unknown reason – and in a particularly irresponsible way – they decided to harass the driver of a Viper. First, they notice to themselves that he is pushing a Prius (which is actually a Corolla, but the hit may have already occurred), and then they shout loudly, “Don't stare!” Unfortunately, the owner of the snake window was out of order, so he heard the infidels' annoying comments, which must have hurt his self-esteem. He had to respond to the baseless accusations, so he bravely/recklessly gave the snake a lot of gas.

Unfortunately, it ended badly as he lost control of the car. He was able to fix the first collision, but he overcorrected, and there was no coming back from there: he crashed straight into the back of the Honda Pilot, even pushing it over the curb. The innocent car was seriously damaged, but the Viper fared much worse: in addition to the complete consumption of the front bumper, it could easily happen that the engine was also damaged. And then we didn't even mention that this generation Viper (the updated version of the 2nd series) was trading for tens of millions of forints. Even if the driver has insurance, he may regret letting himself get hurt so easily – and should still be happy that no personal injuries occurred. In addition to the danger of the snake, the lesson learned, of course, is not to disturb drivers.

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