Don’t be a petite revenge for relationship leadership

ifj. Zoltan Lumnishi, turn-of-the-century constitutional attorney and scholar, spoke about the state of the United States and the foreign relations of the United States on Weekly Tv Pirkadat.

According to the researcher, a number of tasks have been disrupted by the new US administration, which took office in recent days, also in terms of foreign policy issues. These include persistent pressure from China on Taiwan, which has led to large investments in arms by Australia, for example. President Joe Biden should also start something with Beijing because it looks like it is, he added, that the great power in the Far East can now feel that it is capable of taking bolder steps.

While watching European space, the President actually spoke with the British Prime Minister, which was not easy, as his first step was to take a statue of Churchill from the Oval Office, which could be a message to the British. American Democrats see Boris Johnson as a believer in Trump, and the researcher said that the relationship between the two countries should not be sacrificed for the sake of some kind of petty revenge. The same applies to Hungary, one should not seek revenge for their position in the campaign or because the Hungarian government has repeatedly recognized the activities of Donald Trump.

The full conversation can be read here.

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