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Does Schubert Norby go to the gym with covid? Rica also maintains her training sessions

Does Schubert Norby go to the gym with covid?  Rica also maintains her training sessions

A reader of promotions brought to our attention the fact that Schubert Norby had reported Covid the day before he was due to appear in the Pest Central District Court in the criminal case in which he was interested as a defendant. This trial was important for the fitness guru, because he wanted to testify here.

“Today the presiding judge called me saying that Norbert Schubert could not come to the hearing tomorrow because he contracted Covid and that was supported by a medical certificate. So yes. Based on the information from the court, Norbert Schubert has Covid”

– The news was confirmed by an informant, who said that Norby may have contracted the infection during his trip to Montenegro.

Schubert Norby fell because of Rika, and the fitness lady pulled her husband

Schubert Norby fell because of Rika, and the fitness lady pulled her husband

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Read more…

As we learned from our informant, Norbert Schubert has been charged since 2020 with a criminal case currently pending before the courts for copyright and copyright infringement. The procedure was complicated at first due to the Covid-19 pandemic, then the preparatory session was postponed several times because the fitness trainer is always asking the court for one reason or another.

Finally, in May 2022, the preparatory meeting took place, at which Schubert Norby pleaded guilty, did not testify, and waived his right to participate in the trial. In the upcoming hearings, the court successfully heard witnesses and asked for an expert opinion supporting the prosecution’s position, so it is possible that a verdict could have been reached at the hearing scheduled for May 10, 2023. However, Norby noted that despite the fact that he never wanted In testifying in the ongoing proceedings since 2015, however, he still wants to stand now; Therefore, the judge postponed the hearing until May 31.

Before the trip to Montenegro, Norby felt completely fine, but one day before the trial he announced he had Covid.

“We found it interesting that Norbert Schubert spent a long weekend at Whitsun with his family in Montenegro, where there was no sign that he was ill, just yesterday Réka Rubint shared an Instagram story where Norby was working out in the hotel gym. By May 30, he already had Covid. We asked for the relevant medical certificate from the court, because we are not convinced of its reality. Especially since Rica Rubent, who was with Norbert Schubert all the way in Montenegro – so he spent a few days with a person with Covid – today Approx. He trained 100 people on Rozsnyai Street, not caring that he might get infected and could infect others.

– said our informant.

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