Discovery TV channels are preparing for new launch

Discovery TV channels are preparing for new launch

The Discovery + streaming service will soon launch in 25 countries, with more than 55,000 episodes and Eurosport content, including Olympic broadcasts, from Discovery brands and partners such as BBC, A&E and Group Nine. An exclusive series is also expected, as DTV News writes.

Discovery + offers the largest suite of streaming services to date. Provides exclusive and original series on trending topics where the Discovery brands have a strong leadership position – lifestyle, human relations, home and cooking, true crime and mysteries, the supernatural, adventure, nature, science, technology, and environment – as well as high-quality documentary films. . Verizon supports Discovery + Deployment in the United States with an exclusive offer for new and existing clients in the United States. Career portal.

In the United States, Discovery + begins with more than 55,000 episodes from about 2,500 current and classic series, most with programs from their own network. Additionally, through a new content collaboration, Discover + brings together for the first time the most popular factual content from A&E, The History Channel, and Lifetime with the Discovery brands. Thus, the A&E Network series – including the first 48, Bring It Up, Dancing Moms, Ice Road Truckers, Pawn Stars, Old Aliens, Storage Wars, 60 Days In, Intervention, and Ghost Hunters – more than 1,500 episodes boosting discovery as the premier broadcast service For reality based entertainment.

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After the United States, Discover + will be launched in 20 countries in 2021, including Northern Europe, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Thanks to the close relationship with service providers, Discovery + has been available on Sky in the United Kingdom and Ireland since last month, and is slated to launch in 2021 in Latin America (including Brazil) and some markets in Asia. There is no news of the Hungarian start yet.

The start is still in time, because the epidemic has greatly increased the demand for broadcast services.

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